Whetted Cognizance

"Welcome to 'Whetted Cognizance,' a distinctive blog crafted by Engr. Ervin, an electrical engineer with a fervent passion for writing in the Philippines. This blog serves as a convergence of engineering precision and the art of storytelling, where I explore a range of topics from the intricacies of current events to the deeper questions of society. My dual expertise as an engineer and a writer equips me with a unique perspective, enabling me to dissect complex issues with analytical depth and articulate them with creative flair. Join me on this journey of discovery and intellectual exploration, where each post is an invitation to understand the world around us in new and enlightening ways. Here at 'Whetted Cognizance,' we delve into the realms of knowledge, awareness, and self-discovery, navigating through the changing tides of our times with keen insights and reflective thoughts."